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Soundcheck Audiology is a mobile, concierge wellness practice founded by Dr. Heather Malyuk, a musician and audiologist who hails from Northeast Ohio, but is known internationally as an expert clinician and public speaker in the field of hearing wellness.  Dr. Malyuk grew up in a musical family and since the age of 2 has been singing, playing piano, violin and fiddle, and guitar. In her early teens, she began teaching music, touring, and recording. She received an undergraduate degree in Music History and Literature from the University of Akron and continued on to earn her Doctor of Audiology (AuD) degree from Kent State University. From 2013-2017, Dr. Malyuk was the clinical director at Sensaphonics Hearing Conservation in Chicago, Illinois.  There she was mentored by Dr. Michael Santucci, who is known as the trailblazer and luminary for musicians' hearing wellness.  Dr. Malyuk's time at Sensaphonics furthered her passion for both music and audiology, propelling her to become one of the world's leading experts on hearing wellness for those who love sound.

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