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Hearing health education is important for everyone, but it is vital to musicians. Basic, working knowledge of ear anatomy, physiology, the prevention of music-induced hearing disorders, and the vocabulary used by hearing health professionals can create career-saving hearing health habits. For schools of music, it is essential that budding music industry professionals develop these habits early. Soundcheck Audiology has made this information accessible through a 9-video series which can be accessed via subscription. For schools of music, this video series covers the NASM/PAMA advisory guidelines on hearing health education.


  • Individual yearly subscription: $195.00

  • University School of Music subscription: Contact for discounted pricing and subscription lengths. 

  • University School of Music rates may apply to other groups such as production companies, orchestras, and churches. 

  • Additional discounts may apply to groups of 30 or more.


To purchase a subscription or to learn about discounted rates, contact Dr. Heather Malyuk:

Over 100 minutes of information

on the following topics:

1) Seeing an audiologist as a musician

2) Defining Music-Induced Hearing Disorders

3) The basics of auditory Anatomy

4) The basics of auditory Physiology

5) Measuring sound levels to determine safety

6) Choosing appropriate hearing protection

7) Safe use of in-ear monitors

8) Working with existing hearing loss

9) Answers to often-asked questions

Dr. Heather Malyuk is a vital resource for our organization. We love having her visit New World Symphony in person for hearing evaluations and custom earplug consultations and fittings, but now with the online curriculum she has developed, our musicians can continue their learning on hearing care and loss prevention anywhere, anytime. The online course is so thoughtfully and comprehensively designed, and contains invaluable practical knowledge for performing artists, audio engineers, and anyone for whom sound is an integral career element. It would be virtually impossible and even potentially dangerous to attempt self-research on the topics covered, but Soundcheck Audiology offers the unique opportunity to learn it all in one place straight from a trusted medical expert (and active musician!) with years of experience caring for a renowned roster of patients. It’s also comforting knowing that our orchestral Fellows can reach out to Heather with questions at any point as they work their way through the curriculum. As one of very few audiologists in the entire country who specializes in hearing for musicians, New World Symphony’s relationship with Dr. Malyuk is incredibly important. Purchasing access to this career-lengthening course was truly worth the institutional investment.

Heather Osowiecki, Manager of Visiting Faculty, New World Symphony

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