Dr. Heather Malyuk is activitely involved in the following organizations and has been recognized both nationally and internationally for her work in audiology, sound, and music.

Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology

-On the Task Force for Promoting Best Practices with Musicians

Executive Council Member for the National Hearing Conservation Association (NHCA)

-On the Music Induced Hearing Disorders Task Force


Member of the Ohio Academy of Audiology


Member of the College Music Society

-On the Wellness Committee

Dr. Malyuk’s paper “New Developments in In-Ear-Monitor (IEM) Technology for Musicians with Severe Hearing Loss” was published in 2015 for the 58th International Conference: Music Induced Hearing Disorders with the International Audio Engineering Society in Aalborg, Denmark. Additionally, she has served as a reviewer for the Journal of The American Academy of Audiology.

Dr. Malyuk works as a co-investigator with Gateway Biotechnology Inc. where she studies the effects of sound exposure on hearing.


Musically, Dr. Malyuk has been recognized by The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for her performance on the Emmy-award winning documentary “A Tree Grows in Washington: The John F. Seiberling Story.”  In addition to frequent studio work, she maintains a busy performance schedule with the band Glass Mountain, her sister Lisa Malyuk, and various other collaborations.





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